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Small air-sampler for fire detection

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TITANUS MICROSENS® is a compact, affordable air sampling system that can identify the source of the fire in up to five rooms or areas.
WAGNER UK has introduced TITANUS MICROSENS®, an addressable air sampling system that is one of the smallest detectors currently available. MICROSENS® is the latest addition to the TITANUS® family of aspirating smoke detection systems and offers a compact, affordable solution that can quickly identify the source of the fire in up to five different rooms or areas.

Traditional air sampling systems draw air through a pipe system with a series of holes. Once smoke from a fire enters the detector via the pipe system an alarm triggers. TITANUS MICROSENS’s® advanced sampling technology can identify which hole the smoke has entered through and so provide for individual room monitoring. This makes the system ideal for small or medium sized areas such as hotels, voids, prisons, server rooms and switching cabinets.

MICROSENS® inherits all the benefits from the TITANUS® family including PIPE-GUARD and LOGIC-SENS. PIPE-GUARD is a unique feature that can identify if a sampling hole is blocked and raise an alarm. This, combined with its addressable features, makes MICROSENS® an ideal replacement for point smoke detectors. LOGIC-SENS is an advanced signal processing technology that provides a high level of integrity against false alarms such as cigarette smoke and diesel fumes.

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