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Glasgow City Council is enjoying a fantastic summer of special events and LCH Generators, the UK’s leading generator hire specialist, is proving to be something of a secret weapon.
For the third year running, Glasgow based LCH Generators has won the contract to supply over 50 generators to leisure and entertainment events organised by Glasgow City Council’s Land Services and Cultural and Leisure Services Division.

This includes the supply of power to a range of prestigious and high-profile events including rock concerts by Oasis and Coldplay and the week-long Special Olympics that took place in Glasgow recently.

LCH Generators worked closely with the council to supply 19 generator sets to the Special Olympics, which were held at three venues across the city. The event attracted 2,500 athletes from around the world and LCH’s 15KVA – 75KVA generators powered up everything from the First Aid stands and the toilet blocks to the all-important restaurant and bar facilities!

Andy McColl (Senior Assistant Events Manager) from Glasgow City Council, commented, “The Special Olympics were a fantastic success for Glasgow and they ran without a single power glitch! We’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with LCH Generators and look forward to hosting many more events with their support.”

Raymond Robertson, one of LCH Generators’ Account Manager’s, added: “This is a great contract for us to have retained and we are delighted to have helped in the success of the Special Olympics. We’re now looking forward to getting involved with other major events being held in Glasgow including The World Pipe Bands Championship and The Glasgow Show in August.”

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