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Designed for users whose business profitability depends on its critical loads remaining operational day and night, Socomec’s range of Static Transfer Switches (LTM) is a vital component in ensuring this level of reliability. The range has recently been extended to include the Integrated LTM; designed to be installed in switchboards and power distribution units, it’s ideal for switching between UPS systems in data centres, financial, medical and industrial applications.

A standard installation normally utilises a UPS system to support the critical load, but there are dangers in relying on a single supply to protect the most valuable asset – information. Risk is still present despite the use of a UPS (single unit or parallel system) the critical load is not totally protected against failures in the UPS or distribution network such as breaker tripping, incorrect operation and short circuits.

To eliminate the risk and ensure the critical load is dual supply fed a Socomec Static Transfer Switch is the ideal solution. Designed to meet the most rigorous power requirements, the company’s range of static transfer switches perform an automatic, seamless load transfer, without disturbing the connected loads, from the priority source to the secondary source. The user defines the priority source. The LTM logic permanently monitors the tolerance of each source and performs a load transfer to the emergency source in the event of a serious fault in the main source. Available in ratings of up to 4800amps and in 3 and 4 Pole format, the Integrated LTM will increase reliability to 99.9999999% when used in conjunction with UPS incoming sources.

Socomec’s range of static transfer switches has been manufactured since 1990 and is the third generation of units that have been developed utilising its 37 years of experience in the manufacture of State of the art UPS systems. This experience ensures the LTM will provide exceptional reliability and cutting edge technology to ensure the critical load is always supported.

The Socomec LTM offers as standard redundant microprocessor control, thyristor monitoring, redundant DC power supplies, Individual components and heat sinks for each source.

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