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With the launch of Opticell, Harath has introduced a new engineering-led approach to battery maintenance and the delivery of consistent, clean and dependable standby power. Developed from the collective experience derived from maintaining thousands of Diesel Generators, UPS, ELU, and other critical power installations, Opticell is a tiered approach with adaptable test and reporting options designed to optimise system reliability. Opticell is a flexible, modular service and maintenance programme for every size of VRLA or Wet Cell lead acid battery and is believed to be the most up to date Maintenance Service available anywhere on the UK market.

There are three packages available: M, Q and A. Opticell “M” gives the highest possible security and safety, Opticell “Q” has been designed for high reliability systems (e.g. data centres), whilst Opticell “A” is for stable systems where reliability is important but not critical or for a system with high levels of redundancy.

Each part of Opticell is so designed that it can be further customised enabling the service to be enhanced in response to equipment or application changes which precisely match the user’s needs. Battery maintenance is a vital discipline as lead acid batteries are at the heart of most electronic critical power products.

These are often semi sealed and commonplace for Telecom, Emergency Lighting, Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and other forms of temporary power supplies used in buildings and IT systems. Whatever the situation, critical power solutions must perform perfectly and the Opticell service provides essential expert attention and regular monitoring and maintenance.

Opticell blends high levels of battery testing technology and experience into a package that offers the ideal solution to reliability challenges for Data Centres, Financial and Banking, Hospitals, Government, Research, Sports Facilities, Courts & Libraries and many more. The Company’s dedicated and focused Electronic Power Services team delivers planned maintenance, upgrade engineering and on-site call out work in this specialist area:- 24 hrs a day, everyday.

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