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Effortless cable-cut with drill blade

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IDEAL INDUSTRIES has introduced its new PowerBladeÔ cable cutter. PowerBladeÔ is an innovative drill accessory that can be used with any cordless drill to deliver effortless cuts through thick MCM cabling. Electricians and datacomm installers benefit from improved productivity through the tools ease-of-use, speed and accuracy – all by pulling the drill’s trigger.

PowerBladeÔ provides a practical alternative to exhausting long-arm cable cutters, undependable ratcheting cutters, or complex and expensive hydraulic versions. The PowerBladeÔ also eliminates the need to carry bulky battery packs or special chargers because it works with the standard electric drill carried by most contractors.

Installed in the same way as any standard drill bit, PowerBladeÔ is compatible with virtually any cordless or corded drill with a 3/8” (9 mm) drive shaft. The drill’s turning action provides the force needed to quickly and cleanly slice through up to 750 MCM copper cable or up to 1,000 MCM aluminum cable. PowerBladesÔ contoured blade design ensures consistency of cuts and an adjustable torque arm securely holds the drill in place, while the ergonomic Santoprene® grip provides control and reduces vibration. The grip also has a protective shield to prevent accidental contact between the user’s hand and the tool. PowerBladeÔ is engineered for long-term durability and features a rugged metal housing, hardened steel blades and heavy-duty gears.

“The PowerBladeÔ is a completely new way to cut cable that dramatically reduces user fatigue, tool costs and space, without compromising the quality of the cuts,” comments Tony Kumeta, Business Manager, IDEAL INDUSTRIES. “Unlike ratcheting or hydraulic cable cutters, PowerBladeÔ is not a fragile tool in need of frequent maintenance. Its robust design ensures consistent cutting for years to come.”

PowerBladeÔ (Model# 35-078) is priced at £425.00 /

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