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EU could fine Britain for slow progress with electrical waste

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Britain is one of eight EU member states that received a final warning from the European Commission on Monday for failing to make national legislation of three European laws, which concern the reusing and recycling of electrical and electronic waste.

Britain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Malta and Poland should have had the EU laws on national statute books by August of last year and could face fines at the European Court of Justice.

The first two laws cover the collection of electronic and electrical waste for consumers to take products back to shops or collection points free of charge. It details reuse and recycling targets and financial obligations for producers.

The third law bans certain hazardous substances, mainly heavy metals and industrial chemicals, from electronic equipment, as of July 2006.

Britain, France and Italy have not converted any of the three EU laws into national laws and Finland has failed to do so in one of its provinces. Poland, Estonia and Malta need to implement two laws and Greece must act on one.

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