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Marshall-Tufflex SnakeWay has been selected for installation in government buildings in the UK.

Consulting Engineer Chris Shearman from Bailey Partnership of Plymouth, specified Underfloor Pedestal SnakeWay throughout to accommodate the quantity of Cat 6 data cabling required, keep sensitive data cabling off the floor and offer easy access for future upgrades.

This Underfloor Pedestal SnakeWay system integrates the structural elements of the raised floor with a high capacity, steel cable support system. It has a modular design that allows cable path to be brought to an ergonomic level, creating an independent layer separate from other services.

Electrical Director, Ian Thompson, from Mitie Engineering (West Midlands) said that the Underfloor Pedestal SnakeWay dropped into place very easily, just at he’d hoped, and the system looked good.

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