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Cost-effectiveness when powering remote devices

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The AMP NETCONNECT Division of Tyco Electronics has introduced an 8-port power-over-Ethernet (PoE) midspan device to provide improved cost-effectiveness when powering remote devices such as VoIP phones, WLAN access points, and security devices.

The 8-Port PoE midspan device makes injecting DC power onto existing copper cabling as simple as routing patch cords and eliminates costs for switch ports where power is not needed. ‘Utilising midspan devices to apply power over data cabling offers several advantages over end-span methods’, explains Eddie Boyce, UK Product Marketing Manager for Tyco Electronics AMP NETCONNECT Solutions Division: ‘The midspan option allows the widest selection of switch vendors and products, provides a migration path to PoE without the need to buy new switches, improves the port utilisation for PoE ports, and removes the excess heat generation from the switch.’

Fully compliant with IEEE standard for Data Terminal Equipment (DTE), the AMP NETCONNECT 8-Port PoE midspan device allows insertion of full power (15.4 W) on each of the eight ports while providing Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and even Gigabit Ethernet data. Up to three midspan devices can be mounted in a 19-inch, 1U rack space for a total of 24 fully powered ports.

‘From VoIP phones and wireless access points to IP cameras and even clocks and exit signs, Power over Ethernet is becoming prevalent in the industry’, says Eddie Boyce: ‘While many midspan devices only offer 10/100 Mbps, the AMP NETCONNECT midspan device also supports Gigabit Ethernet on each port, and this is the best option for bringing the midspan lifetime up to that of the entire cabling system.’

The AMP NETCONNECT 8-Port PoE midspan device has a universal 110/220V power supply and is therefore ideal as a stand-alone device for powering a small number of wireless access points with no external power supply required at the switch. The fan and power supply are covered under a 2-year warranty.

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