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Waitrose achieves flexible, easy-maintenance support for its EPOS systems with Uninterruptible Power Supplies’ MINIpower UPS, specified for store new-builds, refurbishments, and a gradual swap-out programme covering 167 stores.
In compact, modular MINIpower the output is built up using 1kVA boards, mounted in rack or tower cabinets. Waitrose can expand within the same footprint to 3kVA with redundancy.
Waitrose’s Andy Lowe comments: “MINIpower provides essential flexibility for expansion as well as excellent inherent reliability, supporting the load even if one board goes down. Maintenance is carried out with no break in power to the load. We therefore avoid ‘out-of-hours’ costs, while our ability to trade is not compromised during maintenance operations.”
Uninterruptible Power Supplies proactively manages Waitrose’s UPS resource under a preventive maintenance and battery care contract.
For further information contact Peter Bentley, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited, Bacchus House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire RG7 8EN.
Telephone: 0118 981 5151. Fax: 0118 981 5152. Email: Internet:

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