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Perma Pure Fuel Cell Humidifiers Power Free for Portability

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Leading gas conditioning products manufacturer Perma Pure LLC introduces the FC™-Series of fuel cell humidifiers, providing efficient water management for portable Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells without consuming any of the cell’s power in the process. The compact, lightweight devices are available in a range of sizes suitable to virtually any application where fuel cells are replacing conventional batteries.
In PEM fuel cells, where the incoming gas must be humid, FC-Series humidifiers provide durable, self-contained humidification. The humidifiers recover water from the fuel cell exhaust or surrounding air and transfer it into the incoming gases by permeation through the walls of Nafion® tubing, with no outside energy or parasitic power drain. This proprietary technology is available only from Perma Pure under license from the polymer manufacturer, DuPont.

With this simple design and no moving parts, the FC-Series humidifiers are not susceptible to parts failure or leaks, generating more reliable humidification than alternative humidifier technologies. The lightweight devices are ideal for portable applications where every ounce counts. A range of models are available and may be used alone or in parallel to accommodate any application size.

FC-Series humidifiers are self-limiting and require no controls. Selective permeation ensures that there is no crossover contamination between the exhaust and incoming gases. In addition to moisture exchange, Perma Pure’s humidifiers simultaneously function as heat exchangers, recovering waste heat as well as water from the exhaust.

To learn more about Perma Pure’s FC-Series fuel cell humidifiers, visit the company’s website at, or call 800-337-3762.

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