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Hager Specials Set The Scene for Visually Impaired Pupils

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Visually impaired pupils will be able to use power and data outlets in four London PFI schools thanks to a solution, developed for main contractors Wates Construction, that uses Hager’s Tehalit trunking with special corner sections and Ashley wiring accessories with a charcoal grey finish.

The Tehalit BR (uPVC) and BRS (Steel) cable management systems were installed throughout the schools, with special corner pieces developed for awkward round columns in some of the classrooms. The cable management system also makes future cabling upgrades simpler and less disruptive, an important feature for PFI contracts.

Hager’s Ashley wiring accessories were supplied in a charcoal grey finish to contrast against the white background of the Tehalit trunking. This helps visually impaired pupils see them more easily.

In addition grey retractive switches for the Ashley Grid system provide a contrast against the white moulded plastic plate for the main classroom switches. Manufactured as specials, these switches enable on/off switching and dimming. Two types of retractor switches were needed so that they could be assembled from either the right or left depending on their location next to the door.

Hager also supplied the mains switchboard, sub distribution and some Klik lighting connectors for the four schools.

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