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Megaman Illuminate Eco Friendly Tree House

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Megaman’s 7W GU10 lamps are being used within Tree House, a radical self-build project in Clapham, South London. Due for completion in late 2005, the house is being built to the highest design specification and will be the most eco-friendly dwelling of its kind in Britain.

Inspired by an existing mature tree on the plot, the house will make extensive use of wood including a curving timber-clad trunk for the staircase and exposed branch-like trusses in the roof-top library.

Tree House lighting advisors, Light Projects, chose the Megaman fittings and 7W GU10 lamps for their ability to provide approx 80% savings in energy consumption whilst producing the same levels of light. They will also complement the other high quality eco-friendly fixtures and fittings throughout the building.

The GU10 incorporates the company’s exclusive Ingenium technology which delivers breakthrough lighting performance with an operating life expectancy of 15,000 hours. The lamps also feature a built-in reflector to emulate the directional light output of a spotlight, providing a cost-effective alternative to high energy, high heat output mains and low voltage halogen lamps.

The project has already gained wide media coverage through weekly features in The Independent, and a website showing progress of the build will be available shortly.

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