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Dutch company buys Goodmarriott and Hursthouse

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Imtech, the European-wide technical services provider, has bought Goodmarriott and Hursthouse, one of the oldest UK electrical engineering companies.

Goodmarriott and Hursthouse, which employs over 200 people, is on-site at locations that include the Arsenal Emirates Stadium, London, and others in the midlands and the north east of England.

The firm’s owner and managing director, Trevor Hursthouse, said: “Imtech’s ownership will allow Goodmarriott and Hursthouse to maintain its independence in its work for main contractors and clients. The move secures the long-term future of the business and provides key staff with an opportunity to develop professionally outside the private owner environment.”

The business will run alongside Imtech’s UK Meica Group, whose chief executive, Jim Steele, said he was satisfied with the purchase of the household name business.

“Group objectives for developments in the UK revolve round strategic geographic acquisitions of quality stand-alone businesses,” said Steele. “Goodmarriott and Hursthouse is our first acquisition and will act as a complement to Meica Services operations in the south east of England.”

The current team will continue to run Goodmarriott and Hursthouse and the existing services will continue to expand, with help from Meica’s position in the London market, according to Steele.

The acquisition will take the Imtech Meica technical services business to a turnover of £110m per year.

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