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With plants and planters becoming ever more popular in homes and offices throughout the country, GET is finding increasing demand for its Baby Rock miniature rock lights. They are ideal for adding drama or accent, particularly around “architectural” plants, and can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

The Baby Rock kit includes two of the miniature stone-effect resin rock lights and comes complete with transformer and cable. The lights are supplied with low voltage 10W halogen lamps that provide crisp white light and are most effective when the lights are installed inside the plant pot, with the light directed up the plant’s stem and foliage.

Each pair of Baby Rocks has 0.5-metre cable that can be EZClick connected to the ten-metre low voltage cable supplied with the kit. Simply position the EZClick connector block over the cable and close it firmly to make the electrical connection. To move the
Baby Rocks at any time, just open the connector block and reposition the fitting anywhere on the EZClick cable. In time, the small holes in the cable reseal.

The Baby Rock lights are designed to give years of trouble-free service and have a three-year guarantee. They will not discolour over time and are suitable for any indoor use, typically in conservatories, lounges or receptions. However, they are not waterproof and cannot be used outdoors.

London-based GET Plc today designs and manufactures an extensive portfolio of innovative, quality-assured electrical product solutions for an ever-increasing number of domestic and commercial applications. In addition to its Light-brand interior and exterior lighting, the current GET offering also includes the Connect-brand of wiring accessories and circuit protection, and the Air-brand air movement products.

Full details of the company’s current product portfolio can be found at

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