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New Vision at Disano

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Disano Illuminazione, manufacturers of Disano and Fosnova lighting, have retained leading Italian designer and architect, Alessandro Pedretti, to create a new concept for interiors requiring special lighting effects. The result is the new ‘Vision’ family of spotlights, just launched in the UK, for use in retail environments, galleries, museums, showrooms, corporate offices etc.

With ‘Vision’, Pedretti, who designed the interior of the new Italian headquarters of Deutsche Bank, has provided lighting designers with a complete package of technical and aesthetic options that will satisfy the most widely differing architectural lighting and display needs. A major benefit of ‘Vision’ is that it can incorporate different light sources and offer a host of creative opportunities.

The new ‘Vision’ spotlight, which can be surface, track or recessed track mounted, is also designed for versatility. The moveable L-shaped supporting rod permits optimized balancing of the spotlights, whatever configuration is used. Direction can also be precisely controlled and the light beam accurately aimed using the radial micrometric scale to create a perfectly lit interior.

Technical performance and integrated safety features are second-to-none, and ‘Vision’ is designed to be energy saving.

A 28-page brochure is available from Disano Illuminazione with full technical specification as well as detailed information about the creative aspects of ‘Vision’, such as its special filters and light shapers.

Fax Disano Illuminazione on 01302 368771 to obtain your free copy.

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