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ABB standard drives offer IP54 protection

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ABB has extended the range of its IP54 protected standard drives to 110 kW from the previous maximum of 45 kW. The IP54 drive range starts at 1.1 kW.

Unlike many other drives, the ABB standard drive with IP54 enclosure does not require de-rating. Many competing products must be de-rated by up to 15% to prevent overheating due to the relatively air tight IP54 enclosure. This forces users to specify larger, more expensive drives than are needed. The design of the ABB standard drive with IP54 enclosure has improved cooling fans and internal layout. This ensures that an adequate air volume circulates to keep the drive cool when operating at full capacity without de-rating.

An IP54 enclosure protects the drive from the ingress of dust and splashing water. This removes the need for an additional cabinet in many situations, including sheltered outdoor positions. IP54 is also a common specification in the water industry, while food and drink manufacturers often need to protect drives that are positioned adjacent to production equipment that requires frequent washing down.

The IP54 drives share the innovative features of the rest of the ABB standard drive family, including:

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