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Improved protection for heat exchanger motors in hazardous areas

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ABB has introduced a new motor design for hazardous area air cooled heat exchanger applications. The motors are fitted with a specially designed end shield and a maintenance-free, non-contacting labyrinth seal to prevent damage caused by water ingress.

Air-cooled heat exchangers are used as process coolers in gas processing, petroleum refining and similar applications within the chemical, oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

Motors in this application are positioned vertically, shaft up in very demanding site conditions such as high humidity, rain and dust. It is extremely important to prevent any damage caused by water entering the motors. This puts high demands on the sealing, particularly to ensure the bearings are protected.

An air-cooled heat exchanger is used to reject heat from fluid directly to the ambient air without using water as a cooling medium. This enables plant with a high cooling requirement to be placed in locations without a water supply.

The new design can be used for both foot and flange mounted low voltage, non-sparking and flame-proof motors, IEC frame sizes 160 – 250.

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