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Healthy sign from Thorn

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The grounds of St Catherine’s, headquarters to Doncaster and South Humber Healthcare NHS Trust in Doncaster now give a healthy glow at night thanks to Thorn lanterns employing ceramic metal halide lamps, chosen by the Trust because of their pleasant white colour.

Some 154 CDM-TT lamps in ‘Civic’, ‘Decostreet Area’ and ‘Legend’ lanterns now light the roads, pathways, car parks and recreational areas of the Trust’s grounds.

The new lighting replaces an older, less efficient, mixed scheme of various light sources and luminaires.

This tremendous improvement in the outdoor lighting at the hospital, besides being a morale-booster to visitors, is an important aid to security and visibility in an area where cars are parked and roadways carry both vehicles and pedestrians.

The roads are lit by 70W Civic lanterns, while 150W Decostreet Areas were chosen to light the car parks. Minimal adaptation was needed due to the Decostreet Area’s powerful symmetrical light distribution, which enables the units to be mounted in soft ground around the perimeter. Thorn’s classic Legend lanterns were selected to highlight the fine character of the main listed building, which dates back to 1838. Attention was given to detail and all units are mounted at 6m to suit day-time viewing.

Lighting levels are to BS 5489 and CCTV design standards and all equipment is low glare to limit light pollution.

The lighting was designed by Thorn engineers and installed by street lighting contractor Anderson Heeley Contracting under the direction of the NHS facilities management team at St Catherine’s. The equipment was supplied via Smith Bros Distributors.

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