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Sound and visual signalling specialist Klaxon has added a new product to its Sonos range of multipurpose fire alarm sounders. The DC Sonos has an LED beacon which draws significantly less current than traditional xenon beacons. It is optimised for fire applications and is available as either a beacon or a sounder-beacon.
LEDs are used as the beacon’s light source. For applications requiring visual as well as audible warnings the combined sounder-beacon unit utilises a translucent sounder case which results in a greater light spread for more effective warning.
Installation is fast and reliable as a result of connections made to the Timesaver Base® during the initial wiring stage. The sounder head ‘twists and clicks’ into the base, thus avoiding the wiring and connection problems associated with traditional sounders. Additionally, sounders are synchronised across sounder circuits for improved audibility and require no locking screw.
The DC Sonos is available in deep or shallow base variants. Deep base units have weatherproof protection to IP65 and can be used in all locations, both indoors and outdoors. All units are available in either red or white and have a choice of 32 tones including all the major European standards, making them suitable for use across Europe. The tone and volume setting can be preset or adjusted ‘off-base.’
With battery back-up in case of power failure, the DC Sonos complies with BS 5839:1 (2002) and EN54:3 (2001).

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