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Test instrumentation specialist Clare Instruments has launched a new one-stop service offering free audit advice and safety assessments for electrical safety testing installations and locations.

The new service is being made available to all those involved in type testing, safety or performance testing and production line safety testing.

The assessment service is aimed specifically at assisting companies and organisations to meet the requirements of BS EN 50191. This standard defines the requirements for the erection and operation of electrical test equipment in the workplace and is regarded as best practice advice for the provision of essential protective measures in most electrical testing environments.

Clare’s advisory service will consider existing test environments and practices against the BS EN 50191 standard to ensure the safety of test personnel conducting electrical tests.

The advice and guidance provided should assist personnel to manage the various types of test environments to prevent danger to themselves and any others who could be affected by their activities. This is part of companies’ responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Clare’s specialist test team will provide a formal assessment of test area status against the BSEN 50191 standard, together with final conclusions and recommendations on any actions required to achieve best practice working conditions.

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