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The BPT group of companies is pleased to announce it now has a sophisticated range of vehicle access control equipment to suit numerous residential and commercial installations.

“Now, more than ever, the industry dictates that parking solutions need to be smarter, faster, quieter and classier and demand year-on-year improvements” states Janine Solloway, BPT Sales & Marketing Director. “By combining BPT Automation gates and barriers with Impro’s access control systems, installers are introduced to features and ingenuity previously only seen in custom designs. As a result, we can now provide end users with, for example, the ability to monitor and restrict parking bays and track vehicles, as an off the shelf solution.”

In the case of parking bays, the combined BPT Automation and Impro approach means there need never be any more rows over space allocation! Using the Impro IXP 400 access control system, with a suitable gate, barrier or bollard depending on the level of security, organisations can limit the number of vehicles in a lot or on a floor-by-company or by-building basis; once the area is full, a vehicle will need to exit before one can enter. Access time patterns, restricting individuals, departments or companies’ access to specific hours and days, can also be included.

Other features that customers can benefit from by using this combined access control and automated gate approach include: anti-passback to ensure tags cannot be given to an unauthorised person to enter after that tag has been used; messaging, to allow the administrator to display messages to a time and attendance terminal or to an LCD display; and weight limitations, to guarantee vehicles over a certain weight cannot gain access.

Another extremely useful BPT Automation / Impro solution in the form of Vehicle ID is particularly useful for the car hire market. By combining BPT gates, barriers and bollards with Impro access control, care hire companies can monitor the movements of returned cars as soon as they return to the bay. Because of Impro’s extremely flexible software, which can integrate with third party applications, the vehicle’s movements can be transferred to the car hire company’s software to make it available for rehire, or for checking, servicing, etc. This takes out the whole manual process, which is lengthy and timely.

For smaller organisations that want to secure up to four vehicle entrances to car parks, garages, etc, plus doors, whilst providing easy access for authorised people, the Impro Radio Frequency (RF) System is ideal. A combined pedestrian and vehicular proximity access control system, it consists of a receiver and hand held tag with four channels. Each channel has its own button on the tag which could allow it to remotely operate up to 4 gates or barriers and is registered on the electronic access control system, along with the tag identification number, providing a useful log of events. When the tag is then presented within range of an Impro door reader, the tag identification number is read and access is either allowed or denied, based on pre stored systems data. Such a design means that users have the convenience of only having one tag to operate both BPT vehicular gates and pedestrian doors.

Using the combination of tried and tested BPT Automation gates and barriers and sophisticated Impro access control systems, a wide range of intelligent parking solutions are now readily available. For further information, please go to or call BPT Automation on 01442 235355.

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