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A new wireless interconnect mains powered smoke alarm system is ideal for use in loft conversions, according to supplier Aico Ltd.

RadioLINK, from Ei Professional, allows high quality mains-powered smoke alarms to be connected together by radio signals instead of hard wiring. When one alarm on the system anywhere in the property detects smoke, all the other alarms are triggered almost instantaneously by radio signal.

Supplier Aico says that it is even more important than usual to have interconnected alarms in properties with a loft conversion because if a fire started downstairs and only the downstairs alarm sounded, there would be little chance of anyone in the loft conversion hearing it. By the time smoke downstairs triggered a standalone alarm in the upper levels, it might be too late to escape.

Previously, there has been some resistance to interconnecting smoke alarms in what have become three storey properties because of the sheer cost and physical disruption caused by the need to hard wire all the alarms together. RadioLINK does away with all those problems at a stroke.

RadioLINK is based around the Ei168 Radio Base, which can be used with both the proven Ei140 and Ei160 series of alarms, distributed by Aico. Ionisation, optical and heat models are all available, and there's a choice of alkaline battery or ten year Lithium cell technology back-up. To provide power, each device can be conveniently wired to the nearest ceiling rose. The system can be installed as a retrofit, if required, or included as part of a new smoke alarm system installation.

Each Ei168 RadioLINK base has a unique code to prevent the possibility of signal interference – and tests show that RadioLINK is even less vulnerable to false alarms caused by electrical interference than conventionally interconnected systems. The entire system is coded togetherat the time of installation. With over 16.7 million different codes possible, there's no chance of it being triggered by another system close by.

Aico says that loft conversion companies might want to recommend such a safety feature to customers as a value add-on service. RadioLINK can be then installed by any qualified electrician during the electrical work carried out as part of the loft conversion.

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