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Bob Stearn, Managing Director of Mechanical & Electrical Services Contractors, R. J. Stearn & Sons Ltd., specified Marshall-Tufflex SnakeWay to carry data, power and security throughout the new HSBC bank in Swindon. The design demanded a soft industrial look with all high level services exposed. Cabling needed to be neat and tidy, so SnakeWay was suspended from threaded rods as a tiered installation.

SnakeWay is an outstanding, new generation, steel cable support system. It can be bent by hand in any direction without the need for clamping or assembling, making it up to 85% faster to install than other systems.

SnakeWay is based around a centre spine and incorporates built-in hardware such as mounting brackets. Wherever the installation of vast amounts of cable must be configured on site, where installation is cramped and difficult or where all kinds of obstacles have to be negotiated, SnakeWay offers a fast and cost-effective solution.

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