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New Phase Sequence Indicators from Martindale

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The new PSI3000 and PSI33000 from Martindale Electric are the ultimate phase sequence (rotation) indicator, combining an easy to follow rotating disc with fault indicators that show if any of the phases are down. The PSI3000 uses a clockwise rotation disc, the PSI33000 uses an anti-clockwise rotation disc. Both models incorporate Martindale’s safety fused fixed shroud leads for full compliance with GS38 and BS EN 61010.

For enhanced ease of use, the disc continues to rotate after disconnection, giving more time to identify the phase sequence, and a Velcro strap allows the units to be attached to conduits etc, so the hands are left free to use the test leads.

PSI phase sequence indicators are suitable for use on systems from 100V to 600V phase to phase, 40kHz to 60kHz. Neon indication is used from 100V phase to phase (RMS) and rotating disc operation is used from 200V phase to phase (RMS).

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