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Extra Safe CFL Candle Lamps from Megaman

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Megaman's 7W compact fluorescent candle lamps incorporate a silicone sleeve over the glass envelope, making these innovative lamps the first safety energy saving lamps in the world. As such, they offer all of the environmental benefits of GLS replacement compact fluorescent light sources with the additional peace of mind of integrated safety features.

The silicone sleeve acts as a safety shield against flying glass, in the event of the lamp being shattered. In addition, it prevents the mercury from the lamp escaping into the environment before the lamp is disposed of properly. Environmental impact is also minimised by Megaman's low mercury content design, with less than 3mg per lamp.

A further benefit is that the sleeve replaces traditional frosting methods, which use non-environmentally friendly etching techniques to create a frosty appearance.

Sleeved candle lamps incorporate Megaman’s exclusive, patented Ingenium technology, providing a 15,000 hour life, flicker-free instant start and enhanced light output. Features of Ingenium technology include shorter pre-heating time for longer life, luminous efficacy of 7% more than traditional electronic ballast CFLs, extended switching life cycle to 600,000 times and compact components enabling smaller lamps.

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