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Stark introduces a quick, easy and paper-free solution for reading utility meters

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Stark today announced the launch of Meteor, a new hand-held solution which will halve the time spent on manual meter reading. It will also eliminate the need for clipboard, pen and paper.

Meteor is ideal for any organisation that has large numbers of sub meters for cost centre accounting, tenant billing or M&T. It can read all utility meters and can store up to 100 separate meter-reading tours. With a barcode scanner that identifies each individual meter, the hand-held unit has a touch-sensitive screen that makes entering data quick and simple. As the reading is keyed in, Meteor automatically validates it and prompts the user to check and re-enter any erroneous figures.

Howard Stark, Managing Director of Stark, said: “With Meteor, there’s no need for meter readers to take a pre-defined route: the software tells them which meters they have visited and which ones they still have to read. Since it supports remote dial-in and file transfer via ActiveSync, there is no need to re-key meter information into a PC database. It’s an invaluable time saver.”

Howard Stark explained: “Meteor fully integrates with Stark Essentials, the market leading Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) software for multi-site organisations that enables you to analyse all the information from your meter readings in a highly cost effective way. By allowing you to monitor closely your utility usage, including weather and production variables, it’s a powerful tool for managing a carbon reduction programme, for identifying energy waste, and for detailed cost allocation.”

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