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Power support company, Merlin Power Management, has invested in new specialist refuelling vehicles and is opening additional depots after winning of a large contract from a leading mobile phone operator to refuel 75 of its UK sites in Scotland, Wales and South West England. The company has purchased two additional 4-wheel drive vehicles and a further 6×4 all terrain vehicle so that it can refuel the generators at these sites on a regular basis. It has also opened an additional depot in Perth and is looking to open further depots in Wales and the West Country.

The new contract follows the launch of the service in 2001 when Merlin Power Management was asked if it could find a way of overcoming the problems of refuelling telecom base station generators, often situated in inaccessible locations. It has created a unique concept in fuel delivery by mounting a fuel tank and pumping rig on to a common skid and fitting it on to a four-wheel drive all terrain vehicle. The fleet of specially adapted all terrain vehicles are able to service very remote locations, travelling across land that is unreachable by a normal 4X4.

Many standby generators have fuel tanks of less than 500 litres and normal road delivery tankers are legally unable to deliver less than this due to the calibration of fuel measuring equipment. Utilising Merlin Power Management’s refuelling service enables companies to refuel their generators no matter how remote the location or how much fuel is required.

Available via Merlin Power Management’s response centre, the service is suitable for both standby applications and those using generators on a continuous basis. Already proving extremely popular, Merlin Power Management’s refuelling system is currently supporting most major telecom networks

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