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Danfoss bags Changi airport baggage handling contract.

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Danfoss has secured the contract to supply 5,500 drives for the baggage handling system at the new Terminal 3 at Changi Airport, Singapore, which, when finished in 2007, will handle an estimated 20 million plus passengers per year.

The order has been placed by FKI Logistex, a member of the Materials Handling Group of FKI plc., a world leader in baggage handling systems. The company has installed more than 50 Crisplant™ systems in airports worldwide, no two systems being the same.

The Danfoss FCD300 Decentral drives will power over 10 kilometres of baggage handling conveyors, transporting and sorting baggage weighing up to 100kg, at speeds between 1.8m/s and 15 m/s. Each CrisBag™ conveyor line is able to handle a throughput of 2,700 pieces of baggage per hour, ensuring that bags get from plane to baggage claim within 35 minutes.

Each piece of baggage is placed on a tote tray, forming a kind of mini train. It speeds up and slows down according to the rail layout, discharging the trays at the right stations. To control the speed of the conveyor lines and the stop / start of the tote trays, FKI Logistex needed a motion controls supplier that could meet the heavy demand for constantly variable speed that could run rapidly, accurately and consistently. “We chose the Danfoss FCD300 drive because it would meet all our demands” said Jan Christensen, Programme Manager of FKI Logistex. “Not only does Danfoss offer the perfect solution, but the Danfoss people are professional and competent and have kept all their promises”

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