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ABB handbook gives all you ever needed to know about softstarters

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Anybody wishing to find out more about softstarters will find everything they need to know in ABB’s softstarter handbook. Packed with over 20 years’ worth of knowledge and expertise in the design and supply of low voltage softstarter equipment, the 86-page handbook provides an invaluable guide to softstarter technology for both the novice and the expert alike.

Available free of charge in pdf format, the handbook takes a straightforward approach to explaining softstarter technology and is crammed with diagrams, illustrations and colour photographs. A useful glossary of terms also provides a helpful reference for those unfamiliar with the jargon surrounding motor starting and control applications.

The handbook introduces the different motor types and starting methods before explaining the technology behind softstarters and the benefits they can bring. Other areas covered include how to correctly select and set up softstarters for specific applications and the factors to consider when deciding whether to opt for softstarters over other types of motor control methods such as drives.

A copy of the handbook in pdf format can be obtained by simply sending an email to with the reference ‘Softstarter handbook’, together with your name, company and postcode details.

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