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TV sets explode in massive power surge

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Televisions burst into flames and other electrical appliances overheated as a power surge hit hundreds of homes. The electricity surge left one man injured and caused 23 minor fires after nearly twice the normal voltage was sent through the mains.

Firefighters were called to a number of incidents in the Archway Road area of Highgate and police had to isolate the eight-road block. A 67-year-old man was admitted to hospital for smoke inhalation after his TV caught fire. The surge was blamed on a faulty pillar: a fuse box next to the local substation.

An EDF spokesman said engineers were contacting householders to check equipment and repair any damage. “EDF would like to apologise to all those affected,” he said. EDF admitted residents had complained of flickering lights last week, but said inspections had revealed no problems.

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