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Red, white or green wine

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Elumin8, a manufacturer of electroluminescent light, has lit up the largest wine tower ever made.

The Wine Tower is the central feature in the auditorium and restaurant area at the recently opened Radisson SAS hotel at Stansted Airport. A towering glass edifice at almost 14-metres in height, it holds over 4,000 bottles, internally lit with 320 individual Elumin8 lamps, and is inhabited by specially trained ‘wine angels’, suspended inside who float up and down to retrieve the bottles.

Through the application of electroluminescent light solutions, the Wine Tower can by responsive to light or its environment, create patterns or even become a giant graphic equaliser for the party nights. The entire structure can be lit and animated with minimum complexity. Hotel staff power the tower from a touch-screen interface at the base of the unit.

EL lamps are paper-thin and do not emit heat. White and red wine can be placed next to each other and each bottle can be the perfect temperature for drinking.

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