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Viridian announces 250m euro Dublin power plant

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The Viridian Group has announced the construction of a second power plant at its Huntstown site, north of Dublin, at the cost of 250 million euro.
Patrick Haren, Viridian Group Chief Executive said the project, which will be completed by 2007, would ensure that Ireland has the electricity it needs to meet future demand.

“Investment in the second phase at Huntstown is consistent with our strategy of developing an integrated energy business in competitive markets across Ireland and will ensure that Viridian remains well placed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the developing Irish electricity market,” Mr Haren said.

Harry McCracken, Group Managing Director, Viridian Power and Energy, added: “We have entered into a turnkey contract with Mitsubishi for the construction of a high efficiency 400 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine on the Huntstown site, adjacent to our existing 343 MW station.

“Our decision has been made against the background of electricity demand projections in the Republic of Ireland which indicate a continuing need for further generation capacity, together with a renewed commitment from regulators in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to an all-island electricity market.”

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