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Energy Technology List expanded

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The Carbon Trust has announced new developments to the Energy Technology List, which includes additional qualifying technologies. Amendments have also been made to criteria in some technology categories:

New Technologies and sub-technologies:

Air to Air Energy Recovery

Compact Heat Exchangers

HVAC Zone Controls

Boilers — Gas fired Condensing Water Heaters

Heat Pumps – Gas Engine Driven Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps – Ground Source Heat Pumps

Refrigeration – Air Cooled Condensing Units

Amendments to existing criteria:

Heat Pumps

Boilers: Burners With Controls

Refrigeration: Packaged Chillers

Refrigeration: Commercial Service Cabinets

Refrigeration: Refrigerated Display Cabinets


Warm Air and Radiant Heaters:

Overhead Radiant Heaters

Warm Air and Radiant Heaters: Packaged Warm Air Heaters

The Energy Technology List details the energy-saving products that can qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA), a tax relief that allows businesses to deduct 100% of their qualifying capital expenditure against their taxable profits in the period of the investment.

The list currently includes over 6,000 products, which meet published energy saving criteria.

Further information is available from the ECA website

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