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New guidance on safe maintenance of electrical equipment

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The Health and Safety Executive has recently updated its guidelines on maintaining portable and transportable electrical equipment. The HSE revised guide covers equipment that may be connected to either fixed mains or a locally generated supply and which could result in an electric shock, burn or fire due to damage, wear or misuse.

The second edition contains updated advice, with new sections on cables and the repair and replacement of equipment. The guidance applies to a wide variety of equipment, used in all environments, from electric drills and extension leads, to floor cleaners, pressure water cleaners and electric kettles. It includes advice on what the legal requirements for maintenance of electrical equipment can mean in practice and guidance on how to carry out a risk assessment in this area.

Neil Gove, HSE electrical specialist inspector, said: “Nearly a quarter of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable or transportable equipment. The vast majority of these accidents result in electric shock. This guide can help you to maintain equipment in a safe condition and prevent such accidents from occurring.”

Copies, costing £7.95, are available online from the HSE at

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