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Protecting the nuclear industry

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Investigation into a cancer cluster around Bradwell nuclear power plant in Essex has been cancelled. Environmental scientists say it has been scrapped to protect the nuclear industry’s reputation. It was to have been carried out by Cerrie – the Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters.

Committee members Dr Chris Busby and Richard Bramhall claimed the pro-nuclear members of the committee feared the study would show that cancer levels had increased in the area around Bradwell.

Dr Busby said: “The study would have confirmed the cancer cluster is there. They did not want this. They pulled the plug. But we are left with our original finding which shows the existence of the effect.

“It is not just about Bradwell. It has implications for all nuclear power stations.

“If the investigation had confirmed the existence of increased risk, litigation from people who have developed cancer would be overwhelming.

“Cerrie came to the conclusion that this would be embarrassing to the nuclear industry, so they pulled the carpet from under it.”

Bradwell Nuclear Power Station was opened in 1962 and decommissioned in 2002.

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