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Powergen re-names distribution business

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Powergen says the re-naming of its distribution business as Central Networks will be effective as of 5 April.

The name change was announced after Powergen’s parent company, E.On, purchased East Midlands Electricity for £1.146bn (see Electrical Review, January).

Central Networks employees will begin to use re-branded uniforms and vehicles in the coming months. But, despite the change in company name and logo, the telephone numbers for customers will remain the same. The numbers are:

Loss of supply (former EME area) 0800 056 8090

Loss of supply (former Aquila area) 0845 733 1331

General enquiries (former EME area) 0800 096 3080

General enquiries (former Aquila area) 0845 735 3637

More information about the change

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