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Greenings galvanises shopping centre

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Almost 40 shops and restaurants at the £200m Castlepoint Shopping Park in Bournemouth are using Greenings cable ladder for their electricity supplies. A 700 metre network of galvanised steel ladder, in widths from 150mm to 600mm, distributes power from a handful of substations on site.

The park occupies 16.5 hectares and includes 60,000 square metres of retail space in around 25 buildings. For easy access, the shops are arranged in a V-shape around a two-level car park with space for 3,000 vehicles.

Project contractor High Voltage Maintenance Services (HVMS) built five substations to cater for the park's electricity demand. it ran low-voltage cables from the transformers in the substations to feeder pillars, and then, on Greenings cable ladder, to central metering areas.

With the meters in just a few places, it is easy for the shopping park's landlord or regional electricity company to take meter readings for all the shops.

HVMS ran cables from the metering areas to each shop. Most of the cable ladder is outside, sheltered by the park's canopies and covered walkways.

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