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Panel judged on merit

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Fisher Electrical says Moeller's Mini Panel Board halves expense and installation time.

The Shrewsbury-based firm recently installed one at Alcotrol Laboratories in Langley, Berkshire, where it feeds power for equipment in a 3,000 sq ft lab. It is configured for a 250A, three-phase incomer, metering and outgoing four 100A three-phase, as well as single 60A and 10A sub mains.

“We needed a panel board capable of delivering 100A outgoing supply,” said Richard Fisher. “Competing boards stop at 63A so the alternative would have been to use two boards – an MCB for light and a MCCB for heavy-duty applications. In selecting the Mini Panel Board we halved the expense, installation time and space used compared with the twin-board approach.”

From placing the order with CEF to completing the installation took less than three days, according to Fisher. He says board building was a simple matter of clipping in the MCBs and that a day's labour was saved compared to building and installing a standard MCCB panel board.

Additionally, the Mini Panel Board's 125A range means future equipment requirements are catered for – without the expense of having to upgrade to a new MCCB board.

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