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A growth market

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Metal halide lamps account for 6% of the world lighting market. Last year 70 million units were sold with the expectation that in 2010 this will rise to 120 million.

To keep up with demand, Venture Lighting Europe, specialising in metal halides, has closed its headquarters in Derby and moved to Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Manufacturing has been transferred from Europe to India.

Its US parent company, having solved its financial problems, has appointed a new management team for its European operation with Keith Price, managing director, and Richard Morris given the job of looking after the distribution markets.

Keith Huxley, Venture?s marketing director is upbeat about the company?s prospects. ?Metal halides can be used in industrial, commercial, retail and residential applications and the use of the lamps for street lighting, car parks and other exterior lighting situations will grow dramatically. As for televised sporting events, the choice must be metal halides.? The new management: Richard Morris, Keith Price and Keith Huxley

The high-colour rendering and exceptional lumen maintenance accounts for the growing popularity. Metal halides provide a compact source of white light, available in colour temperatures from 2,700 to 5,000 degs K. At 110 lumens per watt, they are among the most energy-efficient lamps. The technology is moving towards the use of ceramics rather than quartz and Huxley predicted that Venture would soon acquire a partner with ceramic experience.

Some 40% of the company?s output goes to lighting equipment manufacturers, 50% sells through wholesalers and about 10% to specialist contractors such as Parkersell.

It is also rumoured that people who grow their own hydroponic marijuana have fueled demand for metal halides. The white light, we understand, produces excellent results during the early growth stage while high-pressure sodium, in the red end of the spectrum, is best for the flowering growth.

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