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SuperVAR dynamic synchronous condensers are go

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American Superconductor has supplied the Tennessee Valley Authority with the first SuperVAR dynamic synchronous condenser, which stabilises grid voltages, boosts service reliability and could help to maximise transmission capacity. The product is said to reduce the threat of power outages by ensuring that supply voltage is properly regulated. The condenser acts as a shock absorber for the grid. It absorbs or generates reactive power, depending on the voltage level of the transmission system. The product also protects against voltage transients caused by lightning storms and other unforeseeable occurrences. The need for utilities to ensure balanced reactive power on their grids has become an urgent priority since the recent blackouts highlighted their vulnerability. ?In today?s digital economy, keeping voltage levels constant and stable is vital,? says the executive vice president of Transmission Power Supply Group, Terry Boston. ?That?s what TVA?s customers expect, and we believe that?s what this new technology will help us deliver.? The SuperVAR synchronous condenser has been installed at TVA?s electrical substation, which serves a steel mill operated by the Hoeganaes Corporation in Gallatin, Tennessee. The company will buy five more condensers if the original purchase proves successful.

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