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Number one fuel cell

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A fuel cell from MTU Friedrichshafen is enabling a clean propulsion system for a yacht christened ?No.1?.

Dubbed CoolCell ? because the fuel cells function at a temperature of 65?C, almost 600?C cooler than MTU?s hot fuel cells ? the unit provides electrical energy for the yacht?s on-board power supply and propulsion system. As it emits absolutely no pollutants, Elements of the system
it is impossible for the yacht to pollute either the water or the air, says MTU. In addition, there is virtually no noise vibration or smell during operation.

The system compares favourably with diesel or petrol engines, enabling a maximum 20 kilowatts of power. If there is a need for high continuous output, it can provide 15kW for approximately an hour, with normal continuous output of 4 kW (which is upgradeable to 6 kW) ? the levels usually offered by it?s fossil fuelled counterparts.

Designed for mobile applications such as other types of ships, and also trains, CoolCell is an electric highbred system comprising lead gel batteries and several fuel cells manufactured by Ballard Power Systems. Constructed as a modular system, it can be configured according to the output and range

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