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Rechargeable NiMH batteries

Ansmann, a specialist manufacturer of batteries, battery chargers and power supplies for industrial, consumer and hobby applications, has launched the maxE/maxE+ range of long-lasting rechargeable NiMH batteries that are ideal for use in industrial portable equipment applications.

Typically, rechargeable batteries have not been used in industrial portable equipment due to their annoying characteristic of rapidly self-discharging in just a few weeks, making it necessary to regularly re-charge batteries before equipment can be used, particularly if its use is infrequent. However, the very low self-discharge feature of the maxE/maxE+ batteries, which remain 85% charged even after a year, overcomes this problem, making them suitable for a whole range of industrial portable applications for which only traditional throw-away alkaline batteries would have previously been used.

Pre-charged for immediate, out-of-the-packet use, the maxE/maxE+ batteries are available in seven different sizes including the ‘famous five' – AAA, AA, C, D and 9V E block. SubC and flat-top AA sizes are also available for use in battery pack assembly. The maxE batteries support a maximum charge current of up to 1200mAh and can be re-charged in a standard charger. To provide even higher capacities maxE+ batteries are available in AA (2500mAh) and E block (250mAh) formats.

"The maxE/maxE+ rechargeable battery range offers all the advantages of standard rechargeable batteries but with the very low self-discharge and ready-to-use features of traditional alkaline batteries," said Paul Channell, managing director of Ansmann Energy (UK) Ltd. "They are ideally suited for use in industrial portable equipment applications where the use of rechargeable battery technology may previously have been spurned. As such, they deliver particularly important eco-cost benefits."

Ansmann Energy (UK)
0870 609 2233

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