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Eradicating false alarms from Automatic Fire Detection systems

Automatic detection has long been a fundamental contributor in protecting people and property from the threat posed by fire. However, for all its benefits, one of the downsides is the potential for false alarms. This has led to initiatives such as those from the Fire & Rescue Services levying charges against repeat offenders or the more recent move in Scotland where automatic fire alarm call outs to commercial business and workplace premises no longer happen unless confirmation of a fire has been provided. False alarms are also, of course, a potentially significant interruption to day-to-day operations and breed a sense of mistrust and apathy in response to alarms which could be generated by a genuine fire incident.

This has naturally brought an ever greater focus on eradicating false alarms. This white paper explains Siemens ASA (Advanced Signal Analysis) patented technology and how it has been adopted to provide reliable and false alarm resistant fire detection for a wide range of applications. So much so that Siemens offers a guarantee against false alarms for its Cerberus™ PRO Advanced Detectors with ASA.

False alarms can be a significant problem for manufacturers, installers, end users and the fire service. Click here to download the white paper and see how Siemens is committed to making them a thing of the past.

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