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A matter of time and quality

Save efforts, costs and more with Advanced Protection Testing

In an environment of growing protection testing demands and a challenging resource situation, time is of essence. With our standardized automated testing approach our customers were able to reduce their previous protection testing effort by 70 percent and even more compared to traditional manual testing.

Switching from manual and traditional testing approaches to our Advanced Protection Testing methods is one of the rare cases where major advantages are not matched by relevant disadvantages. Of course, initial training is required, but thereafter, Advanced Protection Testing generates substantial long-term benefits at all levels. From saving time and reducing costs, to increasing quality, reliability, and safety, to fostering the transfer of expertise and knowledge as well as enabling technological development.

In a project with Al-Babtain and the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) we demonstrated to them the potential of our approach and we are proud that the results were assessed as excellent by the Commissioning Service Department of the SEC.

This white paper details the SCL concept and testing approach, and showcases how functional testing of IEC 61850 Based SAS can:

Read our Whitepaper on how our automatic testing solutions raised the bar for testing protection systems within this project.

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