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Tackling the Skills Crisis in the Electrical Industry with ECA’s Andrew Eldred

Tackling the Skills Crisis in the Electrical Industry with Andrew Eldred from the ECA

In the latest episode of the Powered On Podcast, we delve deeper into the persistent skills crisis shadowing the electrical industry.

Following a preliminary discussion in our previous episode, we are privileged to have Andrew Eldred, Director of Workforce and Public Affairs at the Electrical Contractors Association, share his expert insights on this pressing matter.

The current skills gap in the electrical industry has broad implications, with a recent ECA survey highlighting labor shortages as a growing concern for nearly half of the firms within the engineering services sector. The decline in employment within skilled trades between 2019 to 2021 further accentuates the crisis.

We explore the possible myriad of factors that could be contributing to this shortfall, such as the ripple effects of Brexit, the pandemic, and a notable generational gap in the industry. The demographic challenge is stark, with the average age of an engineer in the UK being 55, spotlighting an imminent crisis as a significant portion of the workforce approaches retirement.

Discussing potential remedies, the episode examines proposals from the IET for National Curriculum reform to foster early interest in engineering careers, as well as making Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses more accessible for industry professionals amidst their demanding schedules.

Be sure to tune into this enlightening episode of the Powered On Podcast to garner a deeper understanding of the skills crisis and explore the pathway towards a more electrified and skilled future in the electrical industry.

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