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Your power is safe with FG Wilson

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As a world leader in the manufacture of diesel and gas generator sets, FG Wilson has become a ‘go-to’ company for data centre providers across the world. Reliability is paramount, with the slightest failure of a power system potentially leading to the loss of millions of pounds per hour. With almost 50 years’ experience and a global network of 370 Dealers in more than 150 countries, we have developed a reputation for world-class electric power product and expertise. It is this stellar pedigree and quality guarantee which has seen major data centre providers across the UK, Europe, South America and Asia turn to FG Wilson for their power support.    

Commenting on FG Wilson’s experience in providing power solutions for data centres, Tony McAllister, FG Wilson General Manager, said:


“When it comes to providing power for critical data, time is precious. You can’t afford to take any risks. At FG Wilson we are experienced in the data centre sector, with the expertise to design, engineer and install a tailor-made power system that meets your specification, timescales and budget – and guarantees your clients’ assets are protected.

“Our comprehensive range of robust diesel generator sets provides powerful solutions, designed specifically to interface with your systems, control mechanisms, redundancy requirements and often challenging surroundings. Through our guarantee of a fast, efficient installation and ongoing rapid emergency support, your power is safe with FG Wilson.”

A high-profile example of FG Wilson’s international expertise in delivering power solutions to data centres is a recent installation project completed for Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia and the CIS. Hited, one of FG Wilson’s official Russian Dealers, successfully managed the complex design and installation of a backup power supply for a 21.6 MW Mega Data Centre project which is helping to improve efficiency of online customer services and new product introductions. The Mega Data Centre, the largest of its kind in Europe with a total area of 16,500 sq m and with 5,000 sq m dedicated to Information Technology (IT), presented Hited’s skilled engineers with a challenge that was unique in both scale and the level of responsibility.

Working to an extremely tight timescale, Hited delivered a power supply system which includes:

12 FG Wilson P2250B1X containerized high-voltage (10.5 kVA) diesel generator sets

Two distribution substations

Two multi-flue chimneys 

A Schneider Electric containerized loading transformer; and

A mobile loading device

Data centres across the UK rely on FG Wilson for their power support. Many of these data centres are situated close to residential areas, meaning that the power product has to guarantee extremely low noise levels. For one particular project, the generator sets were supplied with FG Wilson sound attenuated enclosures, 20m long and weighing 70 ton. The cooling system was designed with remote roof mounted radiators and fitted with low noise level cooling fans, while the exhaust system included three separate low noise level silencer elements that discharge vertically. As the demands of the data centre sector continue to evolve, FG Wilson continues to adapt its product and service offering to remain the first choice for power support.

FG Wilson works in close partnership with its Dealers to provide customers with a complete end-to-end power solution, from initial assessment of power needs through to implementation of a solution and an ongoing technical support service. This commitment to servicing the full life cycle of our customers’ needs has been vital to FG Wilson’s global pre-eminence and will help spearhead our future success.








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