Resilience, efficiency and scalability in data centre UPS systems

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Operating in a fiercely competitive industry means data centre operators are under enormous pressure to keep operating costs low and, in this environmentally conscious era, they are also under pressure to minimise the environmental impact of their operations. It is not hard to see that energy efficiency is the key to responding effectively to these pressures, but energy efficiency is not and can never be the sole goal of data centre operations. Data centre operators also want their systems to be readily scalable so that they can respond quickly and cost-effectively to the seemingly inexorable growth in demand for their services and, overarching all of these requirements is the need for near 100% availability.

Resilience – the ability of IT installations to tolerate faults without serious impairment of the service they provide and, crucially, without the risk of data loss – is, therefore, a major focus in today’s demanding IT world.


The energy efficiency, scalability and resilience of a data centre depend on numerous factors, but there can be no doubt that one of the most important is its’ uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installation. There are, however, significant challenges involved in designing a UPS installation that combines efficiency with resiliency and scalability.

This paper explores those challenges and explains how they can be addressed effectively and affordably by taking advantage of recent developments in UPS technology.

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