Cables and cable management

  • War of the worlds

    The biggest warship ever to be built in Britain - with more than 1,800 miles of cables - has set sail for the US to start trials with fighter jets landing for the first time.

    The newly-built Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier (QEC) will be tested by the four F35B Lightning jets off the east coast of America.

  • Improved security of data transmission

    Harting has designed the Han Gigabit Module for the industry's most demanding transmission category Cat. 7A, which is suitable for 10 GB ethernet. 

    The module allows transmission at an operating frequency of up to 1000 MHz. As a result, signal integrity has significantly improved, while immunity to interference has increased compared to the standard Cat. 6A.

  • Royal Corps of Signals gains CNCI certification

    The first Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) certification for the Royal Corps of Signals was awarded in May, at the regiment’s base camp in Blandford, UK.

  • Rugged connector claimed smallest on market

    The LC fibre optic connector series recently launched by Bulgin has been designed for use in harsh environments and is believed to be the smallest rugged optical connector available on the market. The 4000 Series Fiber Simplex connector can be used for outdoor broadcast, FTTX (fiber to the x), server room engineering, civil engineering, marine, aviation and rail applications. The connector’s small form factor is particularly useful where installation space is limited, or multiple connectors need to be accommodated.

  • MSPS and UnPS partnership nears completion of tunnel design for National Grid

    Morgan Sindall Professional Services (MSPS) and its sister business Underground Professional Services (UnPS) is near to completing the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for a 22 kilometre underground cable tunnel for National Grid, one of the most technically challenging projects of its type ever proposed.

  • Roxtec seals deal on £1.5bn North Sea wind farm project

    Roxtec has secured a major contract to deliver its innovative safety seal solutions to an ambitious £1.5bn offshore wind farm project in the North Sea.

  • Newey & Eyre gives welcome reception to new intruder cable standard

    Newey & Eyre has pledged its full support to the imminent introduction of a new standard for intruder alarm cables, which, it states, will help cut the current confusion around product specification.

  • Magnetic adapter keeps energy chains on track

    igus introduces magsnap – a new magnetic adapter that holds a plastic energy chain run onto a metallic surface, preventing it from swinging back and forth or moving out of its axis of motion. Eliminating the need for installing a complete guide trough system, magsnap is a cost-effective and lightweight alternative that also reduces assembly time by easily clipping onto the crossbars of existing energy chains. Typical applications include materials handling and cranes with hanging energy chains.

  • Obituary – Paul Diggins

    Marco Cable Management has announced the loss of highly respected and influential team member, Paul Diggins.

  • Draka joins industry certification initiative

    Cable manufacturer Draka is the latest to have signed up to support the new Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) certification for cable installers. Draka will now accept this accreditation as a demonstration of competence for contractors looking to join its coveted UC Connect Approved Installers scheme.

  • Basec expands its international cable standards testing operations

    The British Approvals Service for Cables (Basec) has announced it will now provide low and medium voltage cable testing to all International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) cable standards.

  • Eland Cables UKAS accreditation a first among UK cable suppliers

    Eland Cables, a global supplier of power, data and control cables to the world’s most demanding industries, has become the first UK cable supplier to achieve UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation for its Cable Lab – an in-house, specialist cable testing laboratory.

  • Cable Management Reaches New Heights

    At 1,016 feet high, The Shard is regarded as one of the most ambitious architectural endeavours in the United Kingdom. 

  • Fire performance cable lottery

    We are all aware of the important role that is played by fire resistant cables in providing circuit integrity in critical life safety, fire fighting applications and other emergency circuits. Should any of the cables performing these operations fail, the potential for loss of life and property is substantially increased, so we rely heavily on standards to define and set the minimum requirements for the cables performance and resistance to a fire situation. Dave Winship, sales manager for UK/export at Wrexham Mineral Cables, explains:

  • All fired up over fire cable specification

    Against the backdrop of increased focus on raising safety standards, Newey & Eyre is reminding installers that, when it comes to specifying fire rated cable, it’s important to choose from a reputable manufacturer to ensure quality control.

    As we all know, soft skin fire performance control cables are an essential part of a buildings emergency and safety systems, designed to protect a system’s circuit integrity when under fire conditions.

  • Near disaster on railway signals continued vigilance for cable installers

    An investigation which concluded rats caused a collision between two trains which left 40 people injured highlights the constant battle between animal pests and man’s vital infrastructure says Dr Jeremy Hodge, chief executive of the British Approvals Service for Cables (Basec).

  • Torch passed to next cable generation

    Allen Crossley, general manager of Clynder Cables retired at the end of June 2014 after working with the company for the last 22 years.

  • ‘Less is more’ approach to robotic cable management

    In recent years, cable management has come into the limelight because even though robots have become more complex, machine reliability has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, the methods used to attach and guide cables have not quite followed suit. While managing cables and hoses is often an afterthought in most designs, it is truly a vital part of any well-functioning robot. Justin Leonard, director at igus, explains


    Selected products from the icotek cable entry systems available from M Buttkereit have been certified to comply with the EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of zones 1 and 21.

  • Comparison website for electrical cables

    Compared Cables is a  comparison website for electrical cables that aims to secure partnerships with UK and International cable distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers to promote their most competitive cable offers. Most importantly, the website is about bringing suppliers and customers together. Therefore, we are committed to helping users of electrical cables develop their supply chain, reduce business costs and ultimately maximise their profitability.

    So next time your company requires an electrical cable we would ask you to please visit and view 16 UK and International cable suppliers featuring over 800 of their latest cable offers today.

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