Following a surprise break into the electric vehicle (EV) market, Dyson’s £2 billion project came to an end in October 2019. With Dyson failing to find a way to make its project commercially viable, is the EV hype fizzling out? Simone Bruckner, MD of Cressall Resistors, busts some of the myths in EV uptake. 

To ensure compliance with safety regulations, a secondary source of power is required to feed all emergency evacuation lifts. UPS systems can offer many advantages, yet in the past they have been overlooked, says Power Control Ltd.

While the brakes have been put on HS2 for now, OEMs and engineers should consider how trains travelling up to 250 mph will function safely; that includes their braking systems. Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, explains how braking resistors will be crucial for stopping the world’s fastest trains.

Mackenzie Peters, global product group manager, HEFH at MSA Safety, explores the associated benefits of proper head protection.

While we may associate data with being up in the clouds, it’s very much in the ocean too. Beneath our seas lie thousands of cables, tasked with carrying the world’s internet traffic. These cables form a vital communications network — and the world would seem like a much bigger place without them. What is less often considered is how these cables made it to the sea floor in the first place. Simone Bruckner, managing director at power resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, explains the challenges of cable laying.  

Nadège Petit, executive vice president, global power products at Schneider Electric, explains how the effective use of IoT and dynamic systems architecture can help lower the risk of electrical fires.

Britain experienced its biggest blackout in more than a decade this summer due to two power plant outages, leaving almost a million homes across the country in the dark. Because of this, the energy watchdog and the government have raised concerns about the grid’s ability to cope with changing energy needs and demands. Here, Alan Binning, regional sales manager at energy software developer, COPA-DATA, explains how microgrids could help.

Ushering in a new ‘green’ era for electrical safety, the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations came into force in January 2019. Almost a year after its implementation, Michael Kenyon, technical manager at Bureau Veritas, explains why the new framework is helping to raise safety standards in surge protection, electric vehicle infrastructure and energy efficiency.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is the elephant in the room. A quick scan of recent news articles pulls up a plethora of missed targets, new legislation, illegal exportation and high technology. A heady mix of information, indeed, and truly a minefield. On top of this, DEFRA said in the recent UK Resources and Waste Strategy that it plans to review UK WEEE regulations again in early 2020.