Following on from last week’s comments on the IET’s warning on counterfeit publications I have received further correspondence on the matter.

A reader commented: “I am afraid I can only agree wholeheartedly with the above and, would also question, which is worse, a counterfeit book, or a book full of counterfeit regulations published by an organisation which is clearly 'not fit for purpose' The very fact that someone has to publish ‘guidance notes’ to the regulations is a clear indication that they have not been drafted properly by what the IEE used to call ‘competent persons’. The old IEE regs were printed in plain English, were easy to understand, minimal in number, and gave a very high level of built in safety protection to electrical installations.The IET regulations are quite the opposite in many ways, including areas of safety.”

This is, by no means, the view of the ER team, but we do value input from our readers.

See the next issue of Electrical Review for the full story.

As ever, I would like to hear your views.